Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F

Well this comparison would be between the top two hottest bikes from Bajaj, the Bajaj pulsar 200 ns vs Pulsar 220 F. Two completely different bikes in their looks but shares the same aggressiveness and the performance that Bajaj has always been known for. So I felt this would be a nice comparison to make.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F

A few years back Bajaj came up with a real beast.

The Bajaj pulsar 220 F. Nicknamed the fastest Indian the Bajaj Pulsar 220 f was a real performer and in fact the fastest Indian Bike on the road. Bajaj was able to combine bot style and performance equally and develop a beautiful monster which could take your breath with its looks and at the same time throb your heart with its performance. And all of this came with a price tag a normal Indian could afford. And this made the Pulsar 220 f one of the most favorite among the youth.

Now Bajaj is all set for another revolution in the Bike Industry with the launch of the all new Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns. This time Bajaj seems to be concentrating on a completely new concept of naked bikes. But the performance factor remains the same. The Pulsar 200 ns promises to be one of the  most aggressive performers on the street with its raw power of 23.5 Bhp. Moreover this bile is filled with all the modern technology including the triple spark . liquid coolong etc. the new partnership of Bajaj with KTM seems to have largely influenced the design of the Pulsar 200 ns.

Now lets make an in depth detailed review and comparison of both the bikes and its specification.

1. Looks

Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 200 ns

The Pulsar 220 F was the first bike from Bajaj that came with a front fairing and a sports bike look. The bike is extremely well designed through out its body and has all the looks of a real sporty bike. The front fairing incorporating the powerful focus lens lights and the spark lights gives the bike an aggressive look from the front. From the side view the pulsar 220 f seems a bit too long. The rear view of the bike is same as the old Pulsar 200 with the conventional LED tail lamps a typical feature of all the Pulsars With the Pulsar 200 ns Bajaj is now concentrating on designing naked bikes rather than the super bike look that the Pulsar 200 has. this can considered as the KTM effect as Bajaj seems to be incorporating a lot of assets from the Austrian company. The Pulsar 200 ns seems to be pretty well designed from the naked bike point of view. The curves are beautifully crafted and the headlamps and the rear sides that adopt elements from the Baby Pulsar seems to be very nice. The monoshock suspension gives it an enhanced look but the exhaust is provided at the bottom side which may give the bike an odd look.


2. Engine Specifications

Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 200 ns

Displacement 220cc 199.5 cc
Engine Type DTS-I air cooled SOHC 4-valve liquid cooled
Power (PS) 20.8 @ 8500 rpm 23.5 @ 9500rpm
Torque (Nm) 19.12 @ 7000 rpm 18.3 @ 8000rpm
Fuelling Carburetor Carburetor
Bore (mm) 67 72
Stroke (mm) 62.4 49
Transmission 5 speed 6 speed
No of spark plugs 2 3
Kerb Weight (Kg) 150 145


Now while comparing the engine is clearly visible that the Pulsar 200 ns comes up with a much more technologically advanced engine with tripple spark and liquid cooling. But the 220 cc DTSi engine of the Pulsar 220 f has always been a proven performer. The air cooling is sufficient enough and the engine never seems to get overheated.

3. Performance and Top Speeds

Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F cornering

Pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 200 ns

From the nickname the ‘fastest Indian’ it is clearly visible what the Pulsar 220 F is capable of delivering to you. This bike is an extreme performer particular talking about the initial acceleration of the bike. You can swiftly make your way through the streets on this beast covering up any other bike in the Indian market

Bajaj claims a top speed of 146 km/hr for the Pulsar 220 but there has been claimed top speeds of 150 km/hr on the Pulsar 220.The pulsar 200 ns with all its modern technologies harnesses a 23.5 Bhp power making it a great performer on the roads> But the torque is a little bit low compared to the Pulsar 220 but this doesn’t seems to have affected the acceleration of the bike. The bike is extremely stable at corners compared to the Pulsar 220 and the low centre of gravity of the bike makes handling superb on this bike.

The Pulsar 200 ns has a top speed of 136 km/hr.


4. Brakes, Suspension and Tyres

Pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 200 ns

Front Brakes 260mm Single disc with floating caliper 280mm petal disc with floating caliper
Rear Brakes 220 mm single disc with floating caliper 230mm petal disc with floating caliper
Front Suspension 130 mm Telescooic Forks Telescopic front fork with antifriction bush diameter 37
Rear Susoension 90 mm dual nitrox shocks Nitrox monoshock with piggy back canister
Front Tyre 90/90-17″ tubeless 100/80-17, tubeless
Rear Tyre 120/80-17″ tubeless 130/80-17, tubeless


Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F

5. Mileage and Price

Pulsar 220 F

Pulsar 200 ns

Mileage Highway : 40-45 km/l
City : 35-40 km/l
Highway : 50-55 km/l
City : 45-50 km/l
Price Rs 80,000(ex show room) Rs 94,000(ex show room)


Bajaj Pulsar 200 ns Vs pulsar 220 F

6. Final Verdict

Taking into consideration all the technical specifications mentioned above its true that the Pulsar 20 ns is much more stable and technologically strong compared to the Pulsar 220. But we have to remember the fact that the Pulsar 220 F was introduced 5 years back.

So if your passion is cornering and superb handling your choice would be the Pulsar 200 ns. But on the other hand if speed is your adrenalin then you will want to get the Pulsar 220 f for hitting the 150 km/hr mark on the road. Moreover the price does make a little difference. So whatever the choice you make you will be never be disappointed because these two bikes are amazing performers from Bajaj.


  1. I purchase pulsar220f and my bikes engine is heated so much.can u please tell me that is there is any problem in my bike.and my bike s 2nd service is complete with 2000 km.
    Pranab nath

  2. thnxz a lot dude……

  3. confused btwn r15 n p220f :(

  4. i have 220 f……nd its fucking awesum….

  5. surleen khiwa says:

    i liked 200 ns

  6. What should i choose 220f or 200ns?

  7. Gourav Malhotra says:

    I purchasing a new bike bt i am confused yr which bike is best pulsar 200 ns ya pulsar 220 F.

  8. hey guyzz plzz hlp m out which 1 to bring 200 ya 220

  9. i Am confused between p220 and p200 which one should i buy?
    i have to ride it in the city so plzzz tell me which one will be better?

    • hi Nil Patel
      if u want a bike for city ride I would recommend u the 200 Ns. Pulsar 220 is much more suitable for highway rides. The initial acceleration is much more for 200 NS. this makes it suitable for city ride

    • Hi nil patel,
      If your bike use would be more in the city, then I would suggest you the 200 NS as it is a bit more on the acceleration side. But 220 is better for highway rides and it gives much more comfort.


    • If you are a bit chubby kind , ofcourse the 220 would be more suitable for you. Let me tell you one thing, you really need to drive the 220 to know its performance. Its true that 200 NS would a bit fast in acceleration , but the final winner for me always is the 220.

  11. varun handa says:

    i m 18 years old and m really confused between 220f and 200ns.! ? i live in delhi
    plz recommnd me which one shud i buy??

  12. 220 is the best bike in range of one lakh

  13. 220 is 10000 times better than 200ns

  14. Shanky Gupta says:

    hiiiiiiii guys i have a new bajaj pulsar 200 ns and plz believe me its first indian bike with lots of power and style. if u want attention in ur city and go for 200 ns. i love this bike and fuel efficiency is more than 220 f

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