How to record a song in Korg PA50sd

The KORG PA50sd comes in with an option of recording the songs either in realtime or step recording mode.


Today lets analyze how to do real-time recording.
1. Press song to enter the song mode

2. Press RECORD to enter the song mode. You are now in the main page of the song record mode, and you can prepare your recording.


3.Be sure one of the overdub or overwrite recording options is selected

4. Set the tempo. There are two ways of changing the tempo. Keep the shift key pressed¬† and use the TEMPO/VALUE controls to change the tempo or move the cursor the “select tempo” parameter and use the TEMPO/VALUE controls to change the tempo.

5. Press TRK SELECT to switch to Song Tracks 1-8 page. Press the button again to switch to song track 9-16.


6. If you like you can set the tempo again for these pages.

7. Assign the right program to each track

8. Select the track to put in record. Its status icon will automatically begin flashing.

9.While the status icon is flashing press the PLAY/STOP to begin recording. depending on the Metro option you selected a 1- or 2- bar precount may play before the recording actually begins. When it begins play freely.

10. When finished recording, press PLAY/STOP to stop the sequencer. Select a different track and go on recording the whole song

11. When finished recording the new song, press RECORD to exit the Record mode. the song will be saved in the memory.

12. Edit the new song press the MENU page, and select the various edit pages.


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