Hyundai Santa Fe Fluidic to be launched in 2013


The word fluidic seems to have hit jackpot for the Hyundai company since the launch of the Hyundai Fluidic verna. The design was a great success and this seems to have inspired them to adopt the same Fluidic design for many of its other models. The fluidic design focuses on eliminating the sharp edges of the body and to provide a smooth look like that of a flowing fluid. Hyundai has officially announced the all new Hyundai Santa Fe fluidic which is expected to take the position of the Hyundai cars  to a greater level in the car market.



The Hyundai Santa Fe fluidic is not only to be different in its design from its older brother but also is to be provide with a a new 2.2-litre R diesel engine which produces 200 PS of power output and 431 Nm of torque output. This results in the Santa Fe hitting 100 km/h in just 9.4 seconds. The new Santa Fe also incorporates FLEX STEER system, which gives the driver the option to chose between normal, comfort or sport settings for the steering wheel. Other features include ESP, Downhill Brake Control, Vehicle Stability Management and Hill Assist Control.


Hyundai India has aggressive plans for the Santa Fe. With the updated model, the SUV will have much more appeal among the SUV loving crowd in India. To ensure the new Santa Fe sells more than the old model, Hyundai is going the CKD route, which will help in pricing the vehicle very aggressively. Expect Hyundai to offer the Santa Fe with 4×2 and 4×4 options with manual and automatic transmissions. Hyundai offers two versions of the new Santa Fe – short wheelbase version called the Sport and the long wheel base version simply called the Santa Fe. The latter has 7-seats and is the one heading to India.


The expected technical specifications of the Santa Fe include the following.

1. Engine Specifications

Displacement 2199cc, CRDi
Engine Type Diesel
Maximum Power 197 Bhp @ 3800 rpm
Maximum Torque 420 Nm @ 1800 rpm


The new engine is expected to give a top speed of 183 km/hr.

2. Exterior Design

The new Santa Fe will be coming with a complete change in its earlier design, completely incorporating the fluidic design concept. Hyundai expects to catch the eye of the market with its new design. With the huge victory of the Hyundai Verna Fluidic, it would be worthy enough to assume that the Hyundai Santa Fe Fluidic will also be a stunning design.


3. Dimensions and other specifications

Length 4660 mm
Width 1890 mm
Height 1760 mm
Seating capacity 7
Tyre size 235/65 R17
Steering Tilt
Brakes Front Ventilated, Rear Disk
Gears 6 speed automatic
Suspension MacPherson Strut/Multi Link Type
Fuel Tank 70 L


4. Safety Features

The Hyundai Santa Fe fluidic pays a lot of attention to the safety. With the new I20 from Hyundai recently receiving an award for safety Hyundai will never want to spoil its rep[utation. The santa fe comes in with premium safety features including the Airbags, parking sensors, EBD and ABS. Traction control and ESP is not provided.


5. Mileage and price

Well you can never ask for mileage in an SUV but the new engine of the Hyundai Santa Fe fluidic offers a mileage of 15 km/litre on the highways and 11 km/litre on the city roads.

Although the exact price of the Santa Fe is not known, it is expected to be priced something around the Rs 30,00,000 mark.