how to prepare self introduction for an interview



“The first impression is the best impression”. This has been a proverb we have been hearing for years. But this becomes a reality in the case of an interview. So preparation is a necessity for any interview that we attend.

Be it any interview an HR interview or a technical interview, the first question you will be asked is a self introduction, So a very well prepared self introduction is very crucial. It will be based on your self introduction that the further process continues, If you are able to make a good mark in the mind of the interviewer with your self introduction , you will be judged from  that perspective for the remaining part of the interview.

The following points may be noted in preparing the self introduction. The self introduction should consists of two parts. One is the Rigid part and the other is the flexible part.

The rigid part should contain your main information such as your name, your place, what you presently do and in  which institution. All these should be made as short as possible and in a well ordered manner. You can also include your hobby in this part provided you really have one which can actually boost your character rather than becoming a negative mark for you. For example watching TV cannot be considered as  a good hobby as you would be judged as a lazy person by the interviewer. Moreover be prepared with some questions the interviewer might ask you regarding the hobby that you tell there. For example if you say quizzing is my hobby, the interviewer might ask you some general knowledge questions just to test your knowledge . So be prepared for these type of questions.

Now talking about the flexible part of the self introduction , great care has to be given in preparing this part. because the interviewer would actually be interested in judging this part rather that the rigid part of your self introduction. The main two criteria to consider here is to be able to convince the interviewer that your stream of studies does imply or benefit the company if you are selected. For example if you are a mechanical engineer and is attending an IT firm interview. Then obviously the interviewer might come up with question that why you would want to work for an IT firm being a mechanical engineer. Then you should be able to convince the interviewer that even though you do belong to a mechanical stream, you can still prove to be an asset to his/her company.

Other things that you can include in the flexible part of the self introduction would be your extra curricular activities. Site examples from your career that can apprehend your skills such as leadership qualities, your communication skills, your ability to mingle with people etc. For example if you have organized any particular events in your campus , include it. Also include some ways in which that particular event helped you to improve your skills,

Now take into consideration all these points and prepare a self introduction. Write it down and practice it many times either in front of your friends or teachers or at least in front of the mirror. This should give you confidence in presenting yourself in front of the interviewer in an effective way.