Pulsar 220 Vs Yamaha R15

Well I have been in a constant argument with my friend about my Pulsar 220f. I have ridden that bike for almost 15k kms now and exactly know what my beast is capable of. I finally made him ride my bike and I was amazed the way he had changed is opinion. But he has always been crazy of the Yamaha R15 and then well I thought why not make a review on the Bajaj Pulsar 220 Vs Yamaha R15. Well its worth comparing coz the Yamaha R15 is filled in with great technology inherited from its bigger brothers. So lets analyze certain aspects of the two bikes.


External Looks

Well the looks are always dependent on the person analyzing the bike, but from a layman perspective my view would be that, the Yamaha R15 is much like a reduce scale model of its Big daddy the Yamaha R1. It purely looks like a sports bike. Now with the introduction of the Yamaha R15 V2 the backside looks of this bike are stunning and its almost like a little son of the R1.

But coming to the Bajaj Pulsar 220, well I would say that when people call it the beast on the road its not purely because of its raw performance. Its certainly because of its masculine looks with the two from the fairing rear view mirrors giving it a beast like look. Now certainly this is a bike in the streets you would get noticed for its looks.


Handling and Braking

Handling is one area where you would apparently not even be able to compare the Pulsar 220 Vs Yamaha R15. Yes the big Yamaha bikers have put in all that they know to increase the handling in the  R15 also. Its handling capabilities are superb and you can swift through corners by confidently cornering your bike. In simple words the R15 has awesome handling.

But as far as Bajaj pulsar2220 is considered the handling capabilities of the bike has to be regarded as very low  when you compare Pulsar 220 Vs Yamaha R15. You have to brake hard and significantly reduce your speed over tight corners in the Pulsar which gives you a setback at cornering the bike and clearly the R15 overtakes the 220 here.

Talking about braking power both the Pulsar 220 and Yamaha R15 has got dual discs. This give excellent braking power and one would say that it is essential for these bikes travelling at way over the 100 km/hr mark.

Engine and Power

Well it would not be fair enough to compare a 220 cc engine with a 150 cc engine. But while talking about the 150 cc engine of the R15 it is packed in with all the available technologies of the Yamaha family. It comes in with a fuel injection, oil cooled, 4 valve head engine which develops about 17hp power.

The pulsar 220 at the other hand comes in with a 220cc engine which is air cooled and the earlier fuel injection has now been replaced by a 32 size carburetor, which is one of the biggest carburetors used in the country today. It develops a vast power of 21hp  power which gives very good performance for the Indian roads.


Well the real fight comes in this segment. You can always argue that with all the technologies stuffed into the R15 engine, it should perform much more than the pulsar 220. But well I have ridden both the bikes and my vote in this category would be for the Pulsar 220 only. Coz the 220 cc pulsar engine is extremely powerful, and gives you excellent throttling for the Indian roads. The bike is the fastest on Indian roads, and it would be very common that you see triple figures on the speedometer even when you ride in the city. The only over edge for the R15 that you can give in this segment would be the smoother ride with less engine noise.

Gear box and Transmission

The R15 scores ahead of the Pulsar 220 in this category. The R15 comes in with a 6 speed transmission gear box compared to the 5 speed transmission gear box for the Pulsar 220. This gives a better performance chance for the R15 at higher speeds and smoother rides at higher speeds too. Moreover the newly built less sensitive front shocks of the pulsar 220 also pulls it back a little bit as far as ride comfort is considered.


Well I would say that there is a tie between the Pulsar 220 Vs Yamaha R15 when you consider the mileage of the two bikes. Both the bikes give a mileage of 33 km/ltr in the city. But you have to consider the fact that this is considering the engine capacities of the two bike where the pulsar is much more in front, even while considering the power.


Now here comes the real deal. Yes you got to agree that the Pulsar 220 gives the ultimate blow on the R15 when you consider the price of both the bikes. The Bajaj Pulsar 220 is riced at around rs85,000 compared to the R15 which is priced around rs1,20,000 for the version 2. Now that’s a big rs30,000 difference. Now taking into consideration this huge difference in the price and better performance as far as the 220 is considered , it should be considered as value for the money you give.

Well its not upto me to make the final verdict. So my opinion would be if you want style and technology and you have money to spend, go for the Yamaha R15. Or on the other hand if you want raw performance on the streets but is ready to compromise a bit on built quality for the lesser price, then you would want to choose the pulsar220 as you ride. Make your decision guys.


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