Yamaha RD 350 4 stroke to be launched in 2013


There was a time when the Yamaha RD’s ruled the streets late back in the 1970;s with their powerful 2 stroke engines. But the new emission rules that were introduced brought a haul to their reign and the RD’s were no longer produce. The legacy of the RD 350 still remains and now it seems like Yamaha is ready to take advantage of that by introducing a 4 stroke ( not a 2 stroke Sad smile ) RD 350 by 2013. Named the same Yamaha would be hoping for this bike to make the same impact as the Yamaha RD 350’s in the 70’s.



Although the Yamaha has not officially released a prototype, leaked models on the internet have already reached millions. The new design shows a completely different engineering compared to the old RD 350 and seems to be a Fz series inspired design. Yamaha seems to be helpless to bring back the old 2 stroke engine due to the emission norms that have been introduced and so the RD fans will have to be satisfied with a 4 stroke 350 cc liquid cooled engine. Yamaha would only be able to harness a max power of something between the 35 to 40 BHp at the rear wheels with this monster. The expected parametres and technical specifications of the new Yamaha RD 350 are described below.


The leaked models on the internet shows a rather masculine naked design for he new RD 350 inspired from the Yamaha FZ series. the headlights in the front give a beast appearance and showcases the power of the bike. The added tank scoops and the exhaust that is situated below the engine all add to the pure beauty of the new RD 350. An all in one integrated digital meter is provided for necessary information. The windscreen is very small barely to be noticed as in all the FZ series. The framework is made up of delta box frame.



The Yamaha RD 350 was always known for the shear power its 2 stroke engine was able to harness. But Yamaha seems to have disappointed the RD lovers by replacing the 2 stroke engine with a 4 stroke liquid cooled engine. It is expected to deliver maximum power of something around the 40 BHp mark.

Tyre and suspension

Though much details regarding the technical specification is not known till date, from the leaked prototypes it is evident that the rear tyres are huge. Both the tyres would be radial tyres providing better handling and balance for the RD 350. The front suspension is a telescopic type and the rear suspension would be the conventional monoshock suspension as in most of the other Yamaha bikes.



From the prototype the front disc brakes seems to be a little different with a larger diameter disc provided with holes for easy heat dissipation of heat and better braking quality The rear brakes are also of disk type.


There has not been any official announcements regarding the RD 350 , it is expected to be priced competetive to the Honda CBR and the Kawazaki Ninja.

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  1. Hai RD fans this is good news for all

  2. RAHUL SHARMA says:

    Guys….Big Daddy (YAMAHA) again in action…..Attentions for Hero, Bajaj, Honda and KTM. Again a KNOCKOUT punch by Yamaha.

  3. RAHUL SHARMA says:

    Another nice product for bike lovers by Yamaha, but Dealers behaviour with the customer and after sale service response (Nationwide) should be strictly monitor by YAMAHA, which is not good till now.!!!!

  4. pramod kamble says:

    what is the price of this beast? & when this beast will launch in india? m eagerly waiting for this monster :)


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